Mobile Phones For Business – What Are the Top Features of a Business Phone?

In this era of “smart phones” it’s hard to find a businessperson who doesn’t have a phone that can make and receive calls, retrieve voicemail, receive and respond to emails, and connect to the internet. In fact, some would say a business-owner or worker who does not have a phone with those capabilities is downright negligent.

Smart phones allow for almost instant communication, allowing workers to get back to clients regarding emailed questions or concerns almost immediately. A quick response time is always seen as a positive attribute for a business. However, with so many options, it’s hard to narrow options down to just one or two. While the Blackberry has been a favorite of business-owners for years, there are a few other phones that offer a wide variety of powerful features.

New Mobile Phones for Business:

One such phone is the Nokia N95. This phone offers 8GB of storage space, GPS navigation for trying to get to important business meetings in strange places, a five megapixel camera for sending high-resolution images on the go, a large display with 3G video calling, and HSPDA data transfer. What does that mean for a worker? It means this 128-gram phone offers everything one needs to deal with clients while away from the office. With so many features, it’s hard to believe this phone comes in at only $900.

Face Detection Technology:

Another popular phone is the LG KF750 SECRET. With a 5 megapixel camera featuring automatic face detection, a 4GB memory allowance, and a light 116-gram weight, this phone offers speedy internet connections, a built in hands-free mode, and the ability to observe the screen in a landscape or portrait mode. This phone adds up to a tidy price of $512.

If You Are Looking For High Resolution Camera:

Finally, the Samsung U900 SOUL offers yet another 5 megapixel camera, an MP3 player and FM Radio for long trips, Java compatibility – something very few smart phones have, several supported frequencies, and a micro SD slot. This all adds up to a phone that again allows itself to be used like a miniature computer, coming in at $460 .

What makes a smart phone better than the average mobile? With a smart phone, the user has access to practically every feature they would while being at a computer. This is a very attractive idea for those who are in a fast-paced business that needs them to constantly have access to the latest information and be able to communicate with clients almost instantaneously. That’s what a smart phone offers that no other can match. The user has the ability to take and email photos – something that would be helpful for, say, a realtor who has someone interested in a house that wants to get a few pictures that weren’t already available.

A realtor with a smart phone would be able to immediately snap several pictures and email them, negating the need for a digital camera, uploading to the computer, editing, uploading to email, and then sending. A creative entrepreneur can find that a smart phone allows them to do their job without ever touching a computer. The freedom offered by a mobile phone allows businesses to come into the new technological age.

Price of Gold Per Gram

If you intend on selling some old jewelry that you have lying around, it’s best to determine the price of gold per gram before doing so. By doing this, you’ll have a good idea as to the kind of offer you should expect to receive. This is an essential step as there are many people selling their gold well below what it’s actually worth. Please consider the importance of taking care of this step first.

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the commercials on television and radio offering “top dollar” for your gold. Or, you’ve seen the signs posted on your local pawn shop’s door offering the same “top dollar for your gold” pitches. There have even been businesses solely created to take advantage of gold’s record price. While these offers can sound enticing, many people are led astray simply because they don’t stop and do a little research beforehand. If you don’t perform your due diligence, you’re essentially gambling that you’ll be able to get a premium price for your gold. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll be better prepared.

Besides determining the price of gold per gram, there are a couple other things you should look at before selling your gold. To start, understand that once you sell your jewelry to your pawn shop or dealer you’ll receive only the value for the gold contained in the jewelry. Should you have jewelry which contains something besides gold, you won’t receive its value. So, you’ll want to sell pure gold if at all possible. Next, you should consider what the value of your gold will be on the street once it is melted down. Ok, let’s examine how you can figure out what your gold may be worth in grams.

Gold is typically quoted in ounces. Any time you hear gold being mentioned on the TV or the radio, it’s being referenced in ounces. So, lets look at a couple simple steps.

The Standard Rule of Thumb: 1 ounce of gold is equal to 31.10 grams of gold. For our example, let’s imagine the price of gold is $1,400 per ounce. We’d determine the price of gold per gram as follows:

$1400/ 31.10 (In Troy Ounces) = $45/gram (assuming 24 carat gold) So, imagine your gold is under 24 carat? Here is a chart that will help you.

Multiply the following to calculate the value of scrap gold sorted by various carats:

For 10 carat (10K) multiply the price of gold per gram by.4167.

For 14 carat (14K) multiply the gold price per gram by.5833.

For 18 carat (18K) multiply the price of gold per gram by.75

24 carat (24K) simply use the price of per gram.

You should multiply the number you receive from the previous step by the amount of grams of the quality you’re pricing. That’s the current price of scrap on the market. Just be conscious that once you sell gold scrap to dealers, you might receive a lot less versus the market value. So, it is crucial to go in prepared and determine the price of gold per gram so you ensure you receive top dollar for your gold.

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