A Great Recession-Proof Business

Have you seen the incredible reality shows about pawn shops? These businesses have been around for many years and have proven themselves to be incredible businesses. Not everyone can become a pawn broker and many states have restrictive licensing in place. However, if you are so inclined, you could start a pawn shop and do well, especially in a recession. People are always looking for money and a pawn shop can fit that need easily. Banks, credit unions and other lending institutions simply have tightened their lending belts to the point that it is extremely difficult to get any loan.

A Pawn Shop on the other hand does not have these credit restrictions. There is no credit check, no reporting to the credit bureaus, no lengthy applications to complete and so on. The process is quite simple. If you have anything of value, then you can take it to a pawn shop. The employees there will appraise the item and if it is of interest to them, they will loan you money. Keep in mind; pawn shop loans are not cheap. They carry high interest and you must be able to repay the loan which is usually around 60-90 days after you get your money. There are instances in which you can get an extension, but there will be interest due.

If you cannot pay the loan, the worst that will happen is you will lose the item you pawned. The pawn shop can sell the piece for as much as they want. You need not worry about collection calls or any of the other problems with past due loan payments.

Now that you have a general idea about pawn shops, let’s discuss how you can start your own pawn shop and make a lot of money.

Getting Started
While there may be some excitement with your desire to become a pawn broker, stop and consider the following. Before you open your shop, check to see what regulations are in your city. Many areas require a pawn broker license, a business license, a criminal background check. All necessary licenses are needed prior to opening this business. When checking for licensing, be sure to check your state, county and city. Many states do not require a license, but county and city governments do. You will also need a business license and surety bond for at least $10,000 and of course a criminal background check.

Once your licensing is in place, the next step is to find money for operations. You will need money to buy goods for the store, for making loans against pawned items, for business expenses such as rent, phone, payroll, etc. Keep in mind however that loans are usually paid back in 60-90 days along with interest so your money won’t be long in coming back to you. You will also need money for buying goods that people no longer want and don’t want to pawn. Be careful, you might be presented with a piece worth thousands. If you don’t have the money you will have to turn it down.

If you don’t know how to appraise items, this will make your chance for success much lower. There are price guides that you can buy. There are some websites that offer free appraisals of certain goods. Gadget Value is a great website for getting values on desktops, laptops, flat TVs, tube TVs, iphones and ipads. If you decide to accept gold, silver, platinum and palladium items you can easily get their value. By using a digital scale, find out how much each item weighs. You can find their current value online at one of the sites providing pricing per ounce of gold, silver or other precious metal. Determine what type of gold you have. Is it 10k, 18k, 24k? This will help determine how much the gold content is and what its value should be.

Next, there are many items you will need to properly run your business. A Jewelers Loupe is used to determine the grade of certain precious metals and also of gemstones. As already mentioned you will need a Digital Scale which can weigh up to 32 ounces (1,000 grams). A Platinum Precision Carat Scale will help determine the carat for various precious metals. Equally important is pawn shop software. There are many different programs available, but since you are starting out you should locate a free package. While you might think this could not be a good program, you will be wrong. Check the internet and compare products.

One other step: find a building you can rent to open your pawn shop business. Remember, location is critical. Be sure you are in an area where there is plenty of traffic. Be sure to report to the local police items you have gotten on pawn in case the item is stolen. Working with local police will also come in handy when you run into problems with troublemakers.

There are several things to remember that you should never be involved in with this business. Don’t ever sell a pawned item before the loan is up. Wait an extra day or two if you can. Better to hold an item a few extra days than have someone show up to redeem their item only to find out you already sold it. Keep detailed records of all transactions. Your software package will help. Set up your loan terms, interest rates and other items ahead of time, and don’t waiver. Never sell junk. When you start to sell junk, your reputation will go down the drain and you will quickly lose customers.

Opening a pawn shop is not a simple task and you certainly won’t become rich quick. However, you can do quite well especially when you realize that this business is truly recession proof.

Best MLM Business – How to Succeed With the Best MLM Opportunity

Best MLM Business is a keyword that is being searched for daily by thousands of people entering the industry of Multi-Level-Marketing. With over 5,000 MLM Companies trading in the world, many people believe that choosing the right Company is the decisive factor in their success. Once you have registered with what you believe to be the best MLM business for you, the most important factor is how you run your business.

Best MLM Business – How to have success beyond your wildest dreams – with the best MLM Business

Within this Article you will you will be able to review 3 different MLM Companies with high earning potential – in order to consider their suitability – You will also learn ideas and factors for creating the best MLM business.

GIVEOPP – Empowering individuals with opportunity by giving to Philanthropic causes.

You can now make a business from “The Green Social Movement” – The Worlds largest trend merging on the globe right now is all about helping either the environment or humanitarian challenges in the world. People want to buy brands that help society – they want to be associated with anything towards helping charitable organisations.

People are now understanding more about the world humanitarian and environmental challenges thanks to people like Bob Geldof and now the worlds social elite including a social movement started by the famous Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates from Microsoft, recently publicised in the Fortune magazine June 2010 – the $600 billion challenge.

Some of the most experienced MLMers in the world, believe that GIVEOPP is the best MLM business. Distributors can earn up to $2000 for every product sold with GIVEOPP and 80% of profits from the Company are donated to a choice of four worthwhile charitable organisations. It really is unique and a win-win situation for everyone with GIVEOPP.

KB GOLD -The worlds first Gold backed savings Account

KB Edelemetall has successfully proven their system in a number of European countries. They are now undertaking a global expansion plan to bring their opportunity to the rest of the world, with the exception of China.

Instead of opening a Bank Savings Account where your deposits are stored in cash and over time will de-value and buy less, you can now open a Gold backed Savings Account where you can deposit in cash, but your deposit is converted to Gold and either stored in a vault in Switzerland, or delivered to your address by courier.

Each deposit is exchanged for Gold or Silver bullion in small weights as little as 0.5 gram and so you can own Gold and Silver bullion for as little as $65 or €50.

You can also get paid no less than $130 and up to $900 for simply helping others to open an online account with KB Edelmetall. There is absolutely no cost whatsoever plus you get your own personalised website and back office to track your global business – all 100% FREE.

This is a potentially very rewarding opportunity. Apart from your option to purchase Gold or Silver, you can register as an Associate for ZERO outlay and because it is FREE to start – that is the reason why many people are saying that KB Gold is the best MLM business.

IMMACC -Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center

This has been quoted as “the largest online marketing school in the world” and although with MLM you can promote your business offline or online – the biggest potential for success is for those who learn and apply the principles and techniques of Internet Marketing. Theoretically, once you can master Internet Marketing, you will be successful in promoting almost any product or service online.

IMMACC provide their distributors with a video tutorial system that teaches over 50 methods of generating massive amounts of traffic to any website. You will learn FREE methods of generating traffic and also PAID methods of generating traffic. IMMACC have over 500 hours of recorded trainings in the back office and arrange many live trainings every week. Most of these trainings are over 90 minutes in duration and whatever your level of knowledge, you will definitely be able to improve your skills up to the level of expert. You may feel that this is the best MLM business you have ever seen before.

With IMMACC – All distributors who purchase the programme, automatically qualify as an Affiliate. This means you can earn $1000 for every new student that buys the tutorial system from you. If they decide to promote the programme also – you make a 100% matching bonus, which means you make $1000 off each of their sales too. This is not only an educational programme, but also very profitable as an Affiliate and that is why many consider IMMACC to be the best MLM Business

The Important Difference Between Pennyweight and Grams in Cash For Gold Buying and Selling

If you have been thinking of selling your gold for cash and are researching different prices between gold buyers, be very careful not to fall for a trick. Modern day gold buyers have been popping up all over with claims that they pay the most for gold. While some of these buyers don’t even display their prices up front, others may be misleading consumers by advertising prices in pennyweight or DWT.

What is a pennyweight? A pennyweight is a unit of measure still used by some jewelry manufacturers and dental labs for weighing precious metals. The public on the other hand, will very rarely come across this unit of measure as very few scales read pennyweights. Here is the trick; a pennyweight weighs 1.514 grams or roughly one and a half gram. Now for customers of cash for gold who want to sell gold, gold prices displayed in pennyweights (DWT) may appear much higher than prices displayed in grams. Naturally the reason for this being that a pennyweight weighs more! So in reality the price displayed when converted to grams may be far less than other businesses gram gold prices.

Obviously a gold buyer that gives his prices in pennyweight is as unreliable as the gold buyer that doesn’t give prices at all. So go with your gut than when the buyer tells you a flat offer or that he is paying more, chances are he is not. No one likes to be taken advantage of so do your homework first using these tips and you can still make great money selling gold for cash!