Business Secrets Revealed:1. Business is Production

Business is a single word or a subject, when analyzed gives a bundle of meanings and explanations. We define business in various ways on diverse circumstances.

Generally, business is a profession of producing goods and services for a profit. When we say production, this involves the human labor primarily and machinery as a labor saving device and raw materials for conversion into consumable products.

Products are too many:

These products are commodities or goods of human needs. They may be wholesome products or spare parts or semi processed materials for being assembled, merged or integrated into the final product.

These may be solids, liquids or gases; may be vegetative in origin, metals, or chemicals in nature; they may be naturally grown, cultivated with agricultural techniques or produced with engineering expertise. They may include living beings, birds and animals too.

Products are enormous:

To understand the enormity of the products, let us visit some of the places.

Sweets and savories:

Let us go to a sweet stall! Just see the sweets and savories made out of flours of cereals, say rice and wheat and protein rich grams like Bengal gram and green gram etc. You can see at least one hundred items there. Here, the main ingredients are sugar, milk, spices, and essences with the flours.

Bread, butter and jam:

Now, move into a bakery, where you will see hundreds of items made with the combination of wheat, sugar, cream, spices and essences.

Grains and spices:

The next is a grocery store, selling all food grains, pulses, spices, condiments and their bye products, besides cooking oils. They sell processed, semi-processed and Ready-to-eat food packs also.

Fresh and juicy:

The nearby ‘vegetables and fruits’ stall supplies all the vegetables, fruits and fresh fruit juices. Instant coffee, tea and other beverages are also available if you wish to drink sip by sip.

Hot and tasty:

The next is a hotel, where you get food cooked and supplied instantly. See a fast food counter also. The menu says about 100 items of mouth-watering dishes.

A petty shop selling toffees and chocolates along with biscuits and homemade candies is a common feature.

Food alone too many:

We have been trying to list only food products sold in a few locations. There are very many more varieties and brands in food products alone.

Others uncountable:

If you make a list under basic clothing, building materials, plastics, cosmetics, stationary, drugs, chemicals and many more categories, the list will go infinite.

Engineering goods immeasurable:

If you enter into engineering industry, there is boundless number of machines, spares and products needed by countless industries like agriculture, automobile, building construction, medicine etc.,

Now, as an entrepreneur, feel the vastness of goods, enormity of products, immensity of bye products and sheer size the market. The man made goods available for the humankind in this large world is huge, its requirement is massive and the market is mammoth.

Please understand that these products are for you to produce. If you wish to become a product oriented entrepreneur, the scope is wide and the choice is vast.

You need to select the best suitable for you.

Characters of products:

Monopoly with no competition:

If you get an agency for kerosene or gasoline, you are lucky. People will come in queue to buy your product. This is a monopoly product, available only with you as a licensed dealer in that area.

Duopoly with one competition:

Selling toffees and chocolates in the market is not an easy joke. If you are a dealer of a good branded chocolate like ‘Cadbury’s’ and biscuits like ‘Britannia’, you are comfortable. These are all duopoly products, distributed only by two marketers with minimum competition.

Even in branded popular toffees also, there are similar products having same taste. Those like “Lacto king” will buy “MahaLacto” also as a choice. There will be a market shift in favor of a brand if there is inadequate supply of another brand of similar kind.

Oligopoly with too many competition:

If you are a seller of a ‘brand less’ item, your competition is high. As a number of persons will distribute the products, you have always-tough time to sell your goods. This is oligopoly market. There are too many competitions. You are at risk financially.

Primarily the business is product oriented:

In general, the business is product oriented. The wants are unlimited. Likewise, products availability is also boundless. The human population and the market are ever growing. The demand, supply and the population are too big and they offer great opportunity to the entrepreneurs.

To make all these things favorable to him, the entrepreneur must select a suitable product with unique features. That should have good potential demand and easy manageability in the market. This is very common suggestion.

We have tried here only to reveal the “open secret” that business is primarily product oriented.

In course of time, we shall release very good business strategies, sale techniques and business ideas highly suitable to the budding entrepreneurs.

Considerations When Looking for Cheap Business Cards

Business cards are an integral part of any business. You cannot afford to not have these small, yet very effective, printed items in your wallet wherever you go.

The great news about cheap business cards is that they don’t have to look cheap. Paying careful attention to the design and quality of paper will ensure that the most affordable printed materials look expensive, adding credibility to your business.

Customers will quickly notice if you hand them a card which is thin and poorly designed, giving the impression you printed them at home on your home printer. Rather spend a little money and ensure you get high quality cards for an affordable price.

Paper quality is essential when choosing this type of item. The higher the paper number, the better quality you will receive. Ideally you want at least two hundred gram paper to provide you with a strong and durable card you can hand out with pride.

Quantity is as important as quality. What most people don’t realise is that printing a higher volume can result in cheap business cards printed to the highest quality. When printing smaller volumes, print shops will use their digital printers, which are slightly more expensive, but on higher volumes they turn to their litho printers, which are an affordable solution.

Ensure you check with your print shop regarding print prices on the quantity of cheap business cards they provide, in many cases you will be able to purchase five hundred cards for slightly more than one hundred, which is definitely more affordable and worthwhile in the long run.

Most print shops will also offer you a design service, but you can save money by creating your own design, if you are comfortable with the computer software. Creating your own design according to the specifications given to you enables you to email or drop off your design and they will print it for you.

When buying cheap business cards take the overall design into consideration. This may sound obvious, but you want your card to stand out and make a statement. A clever logo, slogan and clear writing make all the difference when handing a card out to customers.

Every cheap business card should have the company name with a logo or slogan which explains exactly what services or products your company provides. The card should also clearly state your name, position in the company and contact information. Always pay careful attention to the font you use when designing cheap business cards, ensuring your customers can read the contact information and won’t throw the card away because it’s impossible to read.

Don’t choose the first print shop you see that offers you an affordable printing solution. It’s advisable to do your homework, get to see what the company provides in terms of their services. Do they offer other printing solutions? What is their reputability like? What do their customers say about their services?

Another good idea is to ensure the company you choose offers urgent print jobs. There will be times when you suddenly realise you need cards in a hurry and you require their urgent services. Some companies will take a few days on a normal print run, but can push your job to the front of the queue so you can have it the next day.

Remember to always carry your printed items with you in your wallet or bag, this enables you to hand them out on a moment’s notice and is a great and affordable advertising opportunity for you and your business.

Karatbars Business Review

I was introduced recently to Karatbars and after a couple of days of asking questions, checking facts and giving it a good amount of thought, I got in. It has been a pattern for me due to my personality, that I normally jump into a venture too quick and then I take the time to digest what I just ate.

Based on this pattern you can realize that I have made many mistakes, lost a lot of money and have had frustrating experiences. Call it luck if you want, but I have also made some decisions that turned into very good experiences, like embracing the discipline of creating my own bank, following the teachings of the Infinite Banking Concept by Nelson Nash.

This has been a unique experience because I got in it as a consumer, and the benefits I have reaped from this process have been tremendous, like being able to grow my money at a steady pace thanks to a guaranteed interest and stable dividends paid into my policies regardless of market fluctuations.

I am also able to access my money for any purpose at any time no questions asked, unlike that of a 401K, IRA, or CD.

On top of that, my loved ones will be protected when I die, not if, within a set period (term insurance). But enough of this point; I have written a lot about this process already.

I want to review now the Karatbars business.

Many of you that will be introduced to this business will ask questions like: “is this a multi level marketing deal? Isn’t gold too expensive now and possible in a bubble?”

Let’s discuss the MLM multi-level marketing deal:

You have probably heard many investor gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, who talks on the subject and he favors MLM a lot. I respect Robert Kiyosaki on all his achievements, but I kind of feel uncomfortable with his endorsement since he has never been in MLM.

This is a funny way to show support for a point, but I could not resist the temptation to mention it. The truth is, you have probably heard from many others that have been successful in MLM that it is the most efficient way to go in business, and there is no way to challenge those testimonials.

The main argument against MLM is: “This is a pyramid.” What isn’t a pyramid?

Everything in capitalism is pyramid structured: the boss is on top, followed by the management, then the employees and so on going down the line.

What about Socialism? There are the directors and the rest of the population, but the directors are on top, maybe some middle managers, and then the rest of the people.

So, every economic structure is pyramid in structure. Why single MLM out?

What is so special with MLM that has given it a bad reputation?

Perhaps it is the fact that we see ordinary people all of a sudden reaping extraordinary benefits such as: going to exotic trips, driving luxury cars and receiving jaw-dropping incomes for what we would not consider hard work?

There is definitely something peculiar with MLM, and it is that very few people achieve that jaw-dropping success.

I have been in several MLMs, consuming and selling (yes, I sold, everybody sells) electronic security gadgets, vitamins, health products, gold bullion coined by countries, etc.

What is the common denominator here? They were great products, but too expensive to consume or sell, plus I did not do it right since I concentrated on the product, and as experienced multi-level marketers know and say, that is a no-no.

The fact is, you have to consume, and that is what moves the money around. But what gets you to the top is sharing the dream and lifestyle of the big earners. Why?

Be honest, we all want that. But the truth is, very few of us want to pay the dues to get that success. This is why so many people buy into the lottery.

They have the dreams; they just do not want to pay for it. They want to win it by chance and you know the odds…

So what is special about Karatbars that most people could do it and be successful?

First: You are really buying or consuming nothing!

You are basically exchanging some of your ever depreciating papers with pictures of presidents (Dollars) for sound money, “Gold”. This action moves paper money away from you but you get gold money back.

The United States constitution says gold and silver are money.

Karatbars created a system where by joining this business we can save in certified pure gold in amounts that are easy to handle for the average person; a gram of gold represents $65 dollars at the time of writing this article.

As I mentioned that Karatbars is a business, this venture has the features and advantages of being a very inexpensive way of starting and staying in business.

By exchanging your ever depreciating dollars for gold and recommending others to take advantage of the same opportunity, you are taking advantage of… actually you already are in business.

Becoming a business owner gets you many benefits, especially in the taxpaying arena. It is no secret that business owners get many benefits. Tax and government rules benefit business owners.

The product that you will be involved with (gold) does not lose value and everybody wants it. If we get to the point that it becomes an alternative or the active monetary system, everybody will benefit from it.

Prices will become more stable, and governments will be unable to abuse uncontrolled creation of fiat money, and run up more debt.

If the arguments that I presented here make sense to you and the dream of a great life, like the one of a high producer of MLM attracts you, then contact me. I will provide you with the necessary information and support to do this business right.