Considerations When Looking for Cheap Business Cards

Business cards are an integral part of any business. You cannot afford to not have these small, yet very effective, printed items in your wallet wherever you go.

The great news about cheap business cards is that they don’t have to look cheap. Paying careful attention to the design and quality of paper will ensure that the most affordable printed materials look expensive, adding credibility to your business.

Customers will quickly notice if you hand them a card which is thin and poorly designed, giving the impression you printed them at home on your home printer. Rather spend a little money and ensure you get high quality cards for an affordable price.

Paper quality is essential when choosing this type of item. The higher the paper number, the better quality you will receive. Ideally you want at least two hundred gram paper to provide you with a strong and durable card you can hand out with pride.

Quantity is as important as quality. What most people don’t realise is that printing a higher volume can result in cheap business cards printed to the highest quality. When printing smaller volumes, print shops will use their digital printers, which are slightly more expensive, but on higher volumes they turn to their litho printers, which are an affordable solution.

Ensure you check with your print shop regarding print prices on the quantity of cheap business cards they provide, in many cases you will be able to purchase five hundred cards for slightly more than one hundred, which is definitely more affordable and worthwhile in the long run.

Most print shops will also offer you a design service, but you can save money by creating your own design, if you are comfortable with the computer software. Creating your own design according to the specifications given to you enables you to email or drop off your design and they will print it for you.

When buying cheap business cards take the overall design into consideration. This may sound obvious, but you want your card to stand out and make a statement. A clever logo, slogan and clear writing make all the difference when handing a card out to customers.

Every cheap business card should have the company name with a logo or slogan which explains exactly what services or products your company provides. The card should also clearly state your name, position in the company and contact information. Always pay careful attention to the font you use when designing cheap business cards, ensuring your customers can read the contact information and won’t throw the card away because it’s impossible to read.

Don’t choose the first print shop you see that offers you an affordable printing solution. It’s advisable to do your homework, get to see what the company provides in terms of their services. Do they offer other printing solutions? What is their reputability like? What do their customers say about their services?

Another good idea is to ensure the company you choose offers urgent print jobs. There will be times when you suddenly realise you need cards in a hurry and you require their urgent services. Some companies will take a few days on a normal print run, but can push your job to the front of the queue so you can have it the next day.

Remember to always carry your printed items with you in your wallet or bag, this enables you to hand them out on a moment’s notice and is a great and affordable advertising opportunity for you and your business.

Golden Business Opportunity – SOS – Save Other People’s Savings and Earn Yourself at the Same Time

Mint Money in Your Business through Print Media! Business Strategy for Success

Gold Up! Money Down!

Minting gold coins is a slow process; need to be attended very carefully for its quality and quantity standards. Today’s 10 grams of gold coin is worth more in money value tomorrow. It goes up and up daily. But, the value of currency declines when compared with Gold any day after today. Price of silver, copper, steel, metals and other commodities also go up steadily.

Faster Business Growth!

But, printing currencies is easier than making any metal coins. Please don’t mistake me. I am not going to guide you either to mint gold coin or print currencies illegally.
Now, I am going to tell the ways of making money fast through genuine business. It is all about making a faster growth in business through some special techniques. I am telling about bringing multiple fold growth in business through the print media.

Print Gold Coins!

It is like making gold coins in a printing press. More in value, quick in process! Now you can mint gold with the speed of a modern printing press! In other words, you will earn a big money faster than usual speed. This is by application of sales promotion and marketing techniques with the help of print media.

Small and Effective!

Let me tell you about the smallest printed materials that enhance the product appeal and bring assured business.
You might have seen very small and simple stickers that give ‘value addition’ to the products. A small and round sticker just with two letters (O.K.) brings great confidence in the minds of the buyers.

Total Quality control:

These give a good assurance about the total quality control being adopted in the production process. They guarantee about the utility value of the product on hand. If you are sure that your final product is of expected quality and endurance, then a small OK sticker will also be okay to produce great sales promotion!

Small stickers bring big impact:

Some small linear rectangular shaped stickers with small words like, TESTED OK, CHECKED OK, VERIFIED, QUALITY TESTED, 20%Free, 30%EXTRA, QUALITY GUARANTEED, ISI STANDARD, ISO NO: 9003, Agmark, Hallmark, BIS mark, Gold Coin Inside, Silver Coin Inside, Free Recipe Inside, Lucky Draw Coupon Inside, Washington apple, Australian Apple, Grown in Organic Farm, Grown in Nature will bring extra ordinary impact on the marketing efforts. A hologram on the products improves the product image to unpredictable level.

Small Cards bring back customers!

Small cards printed with advertisements are distributed to the consumers in a variety of methods. Some are pasted or tagged to the products. They offer special discounts, free trade offers, winning gifts, free tours and travels, concessions etc. Some are distributed with the commodities making the consumers to make use of the coupons for the next purchases. It is a common scene that printed cards informing about the exchange offers with bank finance are hanged on the two wheelers parked on the roads.

Coupons and Gifts prolong memory!

Free coupons, discount or exchange coupons, tickets of lucky draws, book marks, little calendars, telephone indices, diaries and such printed materials are distributed as free gifts to consumers. They keep them remembered about the business house and respective products till the printed materials are exhausted.

Children Help Big Companies to Grow!

Children are very much attracted to the stickers and small printed cards with their heroes of cinemas, sports, boxing,cartoon movies, pet animals, birds etc. Some are useful for them for playing at home with friends. Some induces children to become collectors of stamps and cards for reasons only known to the little hearts.

Little Great life!

These big collections are true reflections of what they bought with their pocket money. Big companies depend on the great population of children. They create their wealth in exchange for chewing gums distributed with these charismatic heroes on prints. They enjoy their great youth life with these little toys.

Grow with Prints!

Just watch the market potential and start distributing small printed sales promotion materials. They bring multiple fold of customers and increased turnover to make you wealthy. A successful business strategy with print media is on cards always.

Print media helps in a big way to mint money easy and faster!