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Business Mobile Phones for Christmas 2010 – Reviewing Three of the New Arrivals

For businessmen mobile is their third hand. With mobile, operating a business successfully is now next to impossible in this tech-savvy and IT dependent business world. Specifically for business class, all reputed mobile manufactures and mobile service providers are offering latest Business Mobile Phones for Christmas 2010.

You can find SIM free, PAYG and Contract Business Mobile Phones for Christmas 2010 from blackberry mobile. The Blackberry Bold 9780 – B is one of the best SIM free business mobile phone for Christmas 2010. This handset has all types of advanced features that can make your business communication uninterrupted and hassle free.

The blackberry 6 operating software of this model helps you to keep your all data secured. Its 5 mega pixel camera and Full QWERTY keyboard give it a smart look. Its HSDPA facility helps you in browsing at a faster rate. This model is equipped with A-GPS.

The Blackberry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Pearl 8100 are another two models those fit to the needs of business class perfectly. The Blackberry Curve 8900 is 110 grams in weight, 60mm wide, 109 mm long. It has 65K color displaying with 480 x 360 pixels resolution capacity TFT display.

The key board of this cell phone slopes lightly compared to the previous curve models. In addition, this model has 3.2megapixel camera with auto focus feature. The Curve 8900 supports HTML browsing and RSS feed which help you in speed browsing.

For music lovers this handset is full with different music files including MP3 and WMA formats. You can store a lot of personal business records in this handset. This cell phone has 256mb internal memory, however can be expended up to 16 GB by using a memory card.

The BlackBerry Pearl 81 model has also all features that a businessman needs in his handset. This handset supports 2g network of GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. This model is 110g in weight with 109 x 60 x 13.5 mm opportunity. Its display is of TFT type with 65K colors and 480 x 360 pixels.

The Full QWERTY keyboard, Trackball navigation and Wallpapers add some more positive points to this handset. This cell phone has GPRS, HSCSD EDGE system which gives you a hassle free professional connectivity. The most advantage of this handset is it supports the Wi-Fi system.

All these three models of Blackberry are offering high security of data storage facility. You can enjoy all three offers over with these models. You can say these are the best models among the all other SIM Free, contract and PAYG Business Mobile Phones for Christmas 2010.You can get this handset through online shopping.

Starting Business and Working Online – What It Takes!

To begin with, you need to get yourself up to face the challenges you are definitely going to encounter on your journey to making money on the internet.

What you decide determines the course of your life. If you approach your Internet business or any other business at all as a “get rich”, hit it big in the shortest possible time kind of thing, you are setting yourself up for failure! Let me tell you, if you rush in, you will rush out!

When you look at the Internet arena in the world now, you will clearly understand exactly what I am saying. Many self proclaimed “gurus” have failed! So many “money takers” are out of business and so the trend will continue because they failed to learn and understand the rudiments.

While I am not discounting the fact that you can make plenty of money in online business and I absolutely believe the claims you see online where people say things like “How I Made x$ million in 1 month”; I am going to explain the background of those earnings to you in due course.

Those figures are real but there are foundations to those facts and when you try to pursue it without those foundations, your journey to doom begins.

That is what will ultimately happen to you if you fail to heed to my advice and when it happens, you will have yourself to blame. Your first and primary objective should be to learn how to make things work!

Try as much as possible to know the risk involved. I am not trying to scare you but I want you to see this business as any other business which has element of risk. Some people failed to make money online because of careless way of doing things, when their eyes got opened and they discover loss they rush out. No, that is not the way, take your time and understand everything before you venture into it.

Get yourself equipped with knowledge! Read! Subscribe to newsletters relating to Making Money on Internet and buy e-books! This is the greatest investment you will be making when you want to make money online.

You definitely know that you have to invest in business before you can make profit, so have it in mind that you are going to invest your time and money! Buy and read books for you to be well informed!

… My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee… (Hosea 4:6).

The Requirements

A Desktop or Laptop Computer (not Mobile Phones/Blackberry) – If you want to perform well as an internet worker, you will need a functional Personal Computer (PC). This can be a desktop computer or a laptop computer that can be moved about to work anywhere and everywhere. Mobile phones or blackberry should not be substituted for a PC.

Basic (Little) knowledge of Information Technology (IT) – Understanding the basic concept of Information Technology is very essential. Most people are afraid of starting internet because they don’t know much about IT. Some internet marketers don’t know about IT as well however, it will give an advantage if you have the basic knowledge of IT. You will find it easy and friendly browsing the internet and doing your business.

Access to internet– Before you can be successful working on the internet, you must have continuous and permanent internet connectivity. Using and working in an outside or public café might expose you to internet predators and you stand the risk of being hacked and duped! It happened to me before! So I am now allergic to working in an outside internet café.

An e-mail address– You need a viable e-mail address that can be accessed any time for subscription to many newsletters, verification and activation of registration to certain sites that will need your e-mail address to confirm that you are you and not any other person.

A website or blog – To make great success, you need your own website. As it stands, some internet marketers often say that to market affiliate products, you don’t need a website. But the truth is that when you sell a product without a website, your commission will be smaller than when you sell from your own website, if you want to build your online business and make money while you are sleeping or doing other things, you need to get your own website which will also enable you to capture leads and build up your list. To get a website doesn’t cost much but it is a good foundation for internet business.

A blog might have a huge impact on your visitors, but a blog with a forum opens up more opportunities for growth and sales! Use every element to your advantage.You can know in detail how to design and host your website or blog at the corner of your room without paying cut throat amount.

Few hours of work weekly– you must set aside certain specific period of time every week to work if you are a part time internet worker or dedicate your whole working time if you want to be a full internet freelance worker.

Credit or debit card– You need to obtain a credit or debit card. This is very necessary because as a business you need to invest and spend money as well. Your credit or debit card is very useful if you want to make purchases (e.g. buying software and e-books).

Decide how you will want to receive your earnings– Will you like to receive them through cheques or through transfer? In fact, there are many ways to receive payments. You can receive you money through:

i. Domiciliary account

ii. Liberty Reserve

iii. Graphcard / Virtual Terminal Networks (VTN)

iv. PayPal


vi. Wire transfer (through banks)

vii. Money gram and so on.

A domiciliary account– is a means of cashing foreign bank cheques. Many Nigerian banks will open domiciliary account for you after verifying your true identity and that you are not going to use the account for fraudulent activities.

Liberty Reserve-log on to there website and follow the steps below to open Liberty Reserve account.

i. Click on create account.

ii. Fill registration part 1 & 2 and click agree.

iii. Go to your e-mail and get your account number to continue the next step.

iv. Personal secret information will be provided for you, keep it safe and don’t let any body have access to it.

v. Follow the screen instruction and complete the registration.

Graphcard– This is the most vital step you should take to guarantee your success in online business because in some countries, if you use your local address, more than 90% of online surveys and other freelance jobs will not be sent to you. Even when you have changed your I.P address, it is advisable you change your address to foreign, preferably a USA address.

The solution to this need is provided through Graphcard.The only thing you will do is to log on to there website and open an account, it is free of charge. After opening the account you will then request for a virtual address and possibly a telephone line.

A virtual address is an address that is made just for you which mean it will be personalized for you and cannot be used by another person. When you request for it, you will be asked to pay certain sum of money monthly. Immediately you pay it, they will send to you your own virtual address.

Note: All Graphcard addresses are similar, what differentiates one from the is the PMB Number.

Virtual Terminal Networks (VTN)– is a subsidiary of Graphcard. It is very easy to fund your Graphcard account through VTN and you can easily withdraw or cash your earnings from Graphcard as well. Registration and signing up is free.

PayPal – PayPal is one of the best efficient means of receiving your earned money online.However, I want you to be very careful when using this method. If your country is listed as one of PayPal’s supported countries, you will have no problem with PayPal and you can transfer very huge amount into your PayPal account.

If you have someone in any of the Asian or European countries who can help you get a debit or credit card to verify the account and who is willing to allow you to use his or her name and address on the PayPal account.

This is best for people who have their brothers, Uncles or whoever in one of the PayPal supported countries. However, I will not advise you to give them the access to your account.

With PayPal, you will have no problem with transactions less than $1,000 but make sure you don’t receive more than $1,000 in that account ( except of course you have someone in any PayPal supported countries and you are using his or her details ). Always make sure you have a way of using the money in your PayPal account before accepting funds into the account.

If you like, you can sell it to people who need it. All you need to do is to place adverts on appropriate marketing forums you know. And there is always demand for it on a daily basis.

Another way to use your PayPal funds is to send it to someone who is in any part of the world were they can receive and send money via PayPal and have this person send it back to you via Moneygram.

Another way to use PayPal funds is to use it to buy Liberty Reserves and sell the Liberty Reserve.

Considerations When Looking for Cheap Business Cards

Business cards are an integral part of any business. You cannot afford to not have these small, yet very effective, printed items in your wallet wherever you go.

The great news about cheap business cards is that they don’t have to look cheap. Paying careful attention to the design and quality of paper will ensure that the most affordable printed materials look expensive, adding credibility to your business.

Customers will quickly notice if you hand them a card which is thin and poorly designed, giving the impression you printed them at home on your home printer. Rather spend a little money and ensure you get high quality cards for an affordable price.

Paper quality is essential when choosing this type of item. The higher the paper number, the better quality you will receive. Ideally you want at least two hundred gram paper to provide you with a strong and durable card you can hand out with pride.

Quantity is as important as quality. What most people don’t realise is that printing a higher volume can result in cheap business cards printed to the highest quality. When printing smaller volumes, print shops will use their digital printers, which are slightly more expensive, but on higher volumes they turn to their litho printers, which are an affordable solution.

Ensure you check with your print shop regarding print prices on the quantity of cheap business cards they provide, in many cases you will be able to purchase five hundred cards for slightly more than one hundred, which is definitely more affordable and worthwhile in the long run.

Most print shops will also offer you a design service, but you can save money by creating your own design, if you are comfortable with the computer software. Creating your own design according to the specifications given to you enables you to email or drop off your design and they will print it for you.

When buying cheap business cards take the overall design into consideration. This may sound obvious, but you want your card to stand out and make a statement. A clever logo, slogan and clear writing make all the difference when handing a card out to customers.

Every cheap business card should have the company name with a logo or slogan which explains exactly what services or products your company provides. The card should also clearly state your name, position in the company and contact information. Always pay careful attention to the font you use when designing cheap business cards, ensuring your customers can read the contact information and won’t throw the card away because it’s impossible to read.

Don’t choose the first print shop you see that offers you an affordable printing solution. It’s advisable to do your homework, get to see what the company provides in terms of their services. Do they offer other printing solutions? What is their reputability like? What do their customers say about their services?

Another good idea is to ensure the company you choose offers urgent print jobs. There will be times when you suddenly realise you need cards in a hurry and you require their urgent services. Some companies will take a few days on a normal print run, but can push your job to the front of the queue so you can have it the next day.

Remember to always carry your printed items with you in your wallet or bag, this enables you to hand them out on a moment’s notice and is a great and affordable advertising opportunity for you and your business.