A Great Recession-Proof Business

Have you seen the incredible reality shows about pawn shops? These businesses have been around for many years and have proven themselves to be incredible businesses. Not everyone can become a pawn broker and many states have restrictive licensing in place. However, if you are so inclined, you could start a pawn shop and do well, especially in a recession. People are always looking for money and a pawn shop can fit that need easily. Banks, credit unions and other lending institutions simply have tightened their lending belts to the point that it is extremely difficult to get any loan.

A Pawn Shop on the other hand does not have these credit restrictions. There is no credit check, no reporting to the credit bureaus, no lengthy applications to complete and so on. The process is quite simple. If you have anything of value, then you can take it to a pawn shop. The employees there will appraise the item and if it is of interest to them, they will loan you money. Keep in mind; pawn shop loans are not cheap. They carry high interest and you must be able to repay the loan which is usually around 60-90 days after you get your money. There are instances in which you can get an extension, but there will be interest due.

If you cannot pay the loan, the worst that will happen is you will lose the item you pawned. The pawn shop can sell the piece for as much as they want. You need not worry about collection calls or any of the other problems with past due loan payments.

Now that you have a general idea about pawn shops, let’s discuss how you can start your own pawn shop and make a lot of money.

Getting Started
While there may be some excitement with your desire to become a pawn broker, stop and consider the following. Before you open your shop, check to see what regulations are in your city. Many areas require a pawn broker license, a business license, a criminal background check. All necessary licenses are needed prior to opening this business. When checking for licensing, be sure to check your state, county and city. Many states do not require a license, but county and city governments do. You will also need a business license and surety bond for at least $10,000 and of course a criminal background check.

Once your licensing is in place, the next step is to find money for operations. You will need money to buy goods for the store, for making loans against pawned items, for business expenses such as rent, phone, payroll, etc. Keep in mind however that loans are usually paid back in 60-90 days along with interest so your money won’t be long in coming back to you. You will also need money for buying goods that people no longer want and don’t want to pawn. Be careful, you might be presented with a piece worth thousands. If you don’t have the money you will have to turn it down.

If you don’t know how to appraise items, this will make your chance for success much lower. There are price guides that you can buy. There are some websites that offer free appraisals of certain goods. Gadget Value is a great website for getting values on desktops, laptops, flat TVs, tube TVs, iphones and ipads. If you decide to accept gold, silver, platinum and palladium items you can easily get their value. By using a digital scale, find out how much each item weighs. You can find their current value online at one of the sites providing pricing per ounce of gold, silver or other precious metal. Determine what type of gold you have. Is it 10k, 18k, 24k? This will help determine how much the gold content is and what its value should be.

Next, there are many items you will need to properly run your business. A Jewelers Loupe is used to determine the grade of certain precious metals and also of gemstones. As already mentioned you will need a Digital Scale which can weigh up to 32 ounces (1,000 grams). A Platinum Precision Carat Scale will help determine the carat for various precious metals. Equally important is pawn shop software. There are many different programs available, but since you are starting out you should locate a free package. While you might think this could not be a good program, you will be wrong. Check the internet and compare products.

One other step: find a building you can rent to open your pawn shop business. Remember, location is critical. Be sure you are in an area where there is plenty of traffic. Be sure to report to the local police items you have gotten on pawn in case the item is stolen. Working with local police will also come in handy when you run into problems with troublemakers.

There are several things to remember that you should never be involved in with this business. Don’t ever sell a pawned item before the loan is up. Wait an extra day or two if you can. Better to hold an item a few extra days than have someone show up to redeem their item only to find out you already sold it. Keep detailed records of all transactions. Your software package will help. Set up your loan terms, interest rates and other items ahead of time, and don’t waiver. Never sell junk. When you start to sell junk, your reputation will go down the drain and you will quickly lose customers.

Opening a pawn shop is not a simple task and you certainly won’t become rich quick. However, you can do quite well especially when you realize that this business is truly recession proof.

Karatbars Business Review

I was introduced recently to Karatbars and after a couple of days of asking questions, checking facts and giving it a good amount of thought, I got in. It has been a pattern for me due to my personality, that I normally jump into a venture too quick and then I take the time to digest what I just ate.

Based on this pattern you can realize that I have made many mistakes, lost a lot of money and have had frustrating experiences. Call it luck if you want, but I have also made some decisions that turned into very good experiences, like embracing the discipline of creating my own bank, following the teachings of the Infinite Banking Concept by Nelson Nash.

This has been a unique experience because I got in it as a consumer, and the benefits I have reaped from this process have been tremendous, like being able to grow my money at a steady pace thanks to a guaranteed interest and stable dividends paid into my policies regardless of market fluctuations.

I am also able to access my money for any purpose at any time no questions asked, unlike that of a 401K, IRA, or CD.

On top of that, my loved ones will be protected when I die, not if, within a set period (term insurance). But enough of this point; I have written a lot about this process already.

I want to review now the Karatbars business.

Many of you that will be introduced to this business will ask questions like: “is this a multi level marketing deal? Isn’t gold too expensive now and possible in a bubble?”

Let’s discuss the MLM multi-level marketing deal:

You have probably heard many investor gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, who talks on the subject and he favors MLM a lot. I respect Robert Kiyosaki on all his achievements, but I kind of feel uncomfortable with his endorsement since he has never been in MLM.

This is a funny way to show support for a point, but I could not resist the temptation to mention it. The truth is, you have probably heard from many others that have been successful in MLM that it is the most efficient way to go in business, and there is no way to challenge those testimonials.

The main argument against MLM is: “This is a pyramid.” What isn’t a pyramid?

Everything in capitalism is pyramid structured: the boss is on top, followed by the management, then the employees and so on going down the line.

What about Socialism? There are the directors and the rest of the population, but the directors are on top, maybe some middle managers, and then the rest of the people.

So, every economic structure is pyramid in structure. Why single MLM out?

What is so special with MLM that has given it a bad reputation?

Perhaps it is the fact that we see ordinary people all of a sudden reaping extraordinary benefits such as: going to exotic trips, driving luxury cars and receiving jaw-dropping incomes for what we would not consider hard work?

There is definitely something peculiar with MLM, and it is that very few people achieve that jaw-dropping success.

I have been in several MLMs, consuming and selling (yes, I sold, everybody sells) electronic security gadgets, vitamins, health products, gold bullion coined by countries, etc.

What is the common denominator here? They were great products, but too expensive to consume or sell, plus I did not do it right since I concentrated on the product, and as experienced multi-level marketers know and say, that is a no-no.

The fact is, you have to consume, and that is what moves the money around. But what gets you to the top is sharing the dream and lifestyle of the big earners. Why?

Be honest, we all want that. But the truth is, very few of us want to pay the dues to get that success. This is why so many people buy into the lottery.

They have the dreams; they just do not want to pay for it. They want to win it by chance and you know the odds…

So what is special about Karatbars that most people could do it and be successful?

First: You are really buying or consuming nothing!

You are basically exchanging some of your ever depreciating papers with pictures of presidents (Dollars) for sound money, “Gold”. This action moves paper money away from you but you get gold money back.

The United States constitution says gold and silver are money.

Karatbars created a system where by joining this business we can save in certified pure gold in amounts that are easy to handle for the average person; a gram of gold represents $65 dollars at the time of writing this article.

As I mentioned that Karatbars is a business, this venture has the features and advantages of being a very inexpensive way of starting and staying in business.

By exchanging your ever depreciating dollars for gold and recommending others to take advantage of the same opportunity, you are taking advantage of… actually you already are in business.

Becoming a business owner gets you many benefits, especially in the taxpaying arena. It is no secret that business owners get many benefits. Tax and government rules benefit business owners.

The product that you will be involved with (gold) does not lose value and everybody wants it. If we get to the point that it becomes an alternative or the active monetary system, everybody will benefit from it.

Prices will become more stable, and governments will be unable to abuse uncontrolled creation of fiat money, and run up more debt.

If the arguments that I presented here make sense to you and the dream of a great life, like the one of a high producer of MLM attracts you, then contact me. I will provide you with the necessary information and support to do this business right.

Why Choose Letterpress Printing for Your Business Cards

There are so many modern printing techniques to choose from, so why would you go for the old letterpress printing method which has been used since Caxton first set up his press in the fifteenth century? This traditional method involves metal type and plates, which are inked and then pressed into soft paper or card stock and has hardly changed in centuries.

One reason that letterpress printing is enjoying a revival today, and is popular for printing everything from business cards to wedding invitations, is that it has a tactile, hand-crafted quality. The printing is indented into the paper by the metal type, leaving an impression that adds an extra dimension to your card, a refreshing change to the smoothness and slickness of digital printing methods.

Don’t think that you need to stick with old-fashioned designs to use Letterpress though. Nowadays printers no longer pick out individual lead letters as the old typesetters once did. Images and text are converted to sturdy polymer plates which are inked and pressed in the same way, but hold up better to heavy use and hard impression than the softer lead types and plates ever did. Your designs can be thoroughly modern or nostalgically retro, the method works equally well for either.

Nowadays most customers expect quite a deep impression when they ask for Letterpress printing. This does mean that you will get a reverse indentation in the other side of your card, so that two-sided business cards may not be possible. However there are ways to have the best of both worlds. Using much thicker card stock such as 500 or 600 gram quality card, reduces the amount that the reverse side is affected. Another option is two mount two sheets together so that each side can be printed independently and then mounted invisibly together to make one card.

The depth of the impression created when printing with Letterpress can be controlled. In the old days expert printers aimed to leave almost no impression at all: it was considered a mark of the printer’s skill to have as smooth a result as possible. Now there seems little point to that and the impression is what makes Letterpress so attractive, but you can request a deep or a light impression according to preferences.

The success of Letterpress printing does depend on the skill of the printer as it is almost an artisan printing method, so choose your printer carefully, asking to see samples of their work. With the right design and the right printer you can achieve some memorable business cards that really will make a great impression.