The Benefits of Gram Scales

Having a gram scale at home or at the office can make a multitude of tasks easier. You can weigh food, envelopes, jewelry and coins with the touch of a button. With all of the models on the market, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Many scales feature digital readouts which are accurate to the .0001 gram. You can weigh even the tiniest items on this type of scale and be sure you’re getting a precise reading. Many feature the option to change weighing modes, so depending on the model, it will calculate weights in ounces, pennyweights, carats and grains as well. This is convenient when you’re weighing two different types of things, such as flour in grams and water in ounces.

Many professional cookbooks include recipes with metric measurements. Unless you have food preparation utensils with these measures, you may have a difficult time gauging your ingredient amounts. With a gram scale, you can easily weigh ingredients in the mode you need – grams or ounces – and rest assured that you’ve added the correct amount to your recipe.

If you’re measuring loose ingredients, like flour or sugar, it’s no problem to use a gram scale. The tare function allows you to place a cup, bowl or other container on the scale, fill it with the ingredient, and weigh only the contents of the container. The weight of the cup is factored out. In addition to being convenient, it also makes cleanup a breeze.

A gram scale is also helpful if you’re on a diet. Whether you’re on a weight-loss diet or you need to manage your food intake due to a medical condition, a weighing food can help you measure proper portions. By weighing food first, you know exactly how much you’re eating.

It’s handy outside the kitchen as well. If you need to weigh letters or postcard before affixing postage, a weight can help ensure that you add the correct amount of postage to every piece of mail.

A gram scale can weigh jewelry and coins with ease, too. It can weigh your gold or precious metals with precision accuracy, no matter the unit of measure you choose. Whether you use a gram scale for home or business, knowing the exact weights of jewelry is advantageous when you buy, sell or appraise it.

Many gram scales have a count function so you can count coins or other small objects quickly and easily. This is convenient if you have a significant number of coins to count.

Some scales fold up to fit in your pocket, while others are designed for desktop use. Big or small, the best gram scales provide pinpoint accuracy when you weigh even the tiniest object.